Wiz Khalifa

The news of Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa getting divorced still has many in shock because they seemed like one of the last few “genuinely” happy couples left in the industry. However, we’re slowly starting to find out that the two were not as happy as we wanted to believe. Amber Rose told Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg to publicly reveal what had really happened. She says she did a surprise pop-up at a pair of Los Angeles twins’ home where she found her former hubby engaging in some funny business with the two.


Wiz reacted by tweeting, “Nothing wrong with making yourself happy” along with posting a picture of a woman on his balcony which seems to be one of the twins. She also posted the same picture but uncropped and revealing her face. Could Wiz really have a serious thing with one of the twins? (Or both, not quite sure how that works but whatevs.) See the posts in the gallery and let us know what you think below!