Karen Civil x Live Civil Playground

For her 30th birthday this past weekend, media mogul and very good friend of the site, Karen Civil, decided to give a gift instead of receiving one. The industry power-player linked up with Sow A Seed and Project PlayWorld to donate over $40,000 and build the “Live Civil Playground” at Prodev-operated school Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje in Village de la Renaissance in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, made out of environmentally sound and recycled materials.

“I believe in the power of play,” Karen said about giving a gift on her birthday. “Unfortunately, Haiti does not have many safe environments for children to play and express themselves. Coming from a Haitian-American home, I thought it was necessary to give back to the country in which my parents were raised. That is why I believe in Project PlayWorld’s efforts to to provide secure playing spaces for the children of Haiti with the Live Civil Playground.”

The playground will officially be open this February. What an amazing feat! Congrats, Karen and happy birthday again! Hit the jump to get details on what the Live Civil Playground will consist of, as well as video of Karen on her trip there this weekend.

Marisa Mendez

Under the guidance of project manager, Claudia Apaid, Richard Bouillon designed the playground which will consist of a recyclable material learning landscape. One area, dedicated to story time will have a podium and sitting area in a garden terrace made with reclaimed tires constructed by K-wochoo Art’s Gary Pierre Charles. This space will allow for plays and lectures. Additionally, the Live Civil Playground will contain an area with interactive musical instruments, such as musical pipes and educational games made of recycled tires meant to teach children strategy building and problem-solving skills. Recycled bamboo and tires will also be used to make climbing towers, motorcycles, Jeeps, animals, a teeter totter, swings, and slides for children to play.