IFWT_Busta Rhymes Falls Head First Off Stage F
Busta Rhymes Falls Head First Off Stage, Honestly, 1st and foremost I want to know if he’s ok, then if yes, we can laugh and joke, BUT only if he’s ok!!! Apparently last night, on thanksgiving, OT Genasis had a show at webster hall in NYC, and Busta Rhymes Falls Head First Off Stage during the show into the crowd.

Dj Tech4

Busta Rhymes Falls Head First Off Stage, and he may get upset with us about telling the story, Sorry Bussa Bus. So right before the fall, iyou can see Busta enjoying a cigar, don’t think it was lit, and he had a bottle of Hennessy in his hand, which could be the problem that led to the fall…maybe, cause unless Busta says otherwise, it didn’t look like a direct slip and fall.

Although this POV shows a really hard head nod, and that mixed with the Henney, Def would have caused a temp loss of balance;

Here’s what we could find for a the whole show, but the focus quality is horrible:

I also heard previously to the webster hall show, there was a club event in NJ, and people reportedly saw Buss a little inebriated as he left that show, so with that, and a bottle of Henney in his hand at the time of the fall, AND the Get up seemed a little Slow