After that freestyle, I will say this, Honey Cocaine is really the female version of Tyga… However, after the news of Tyga and Blac Chyna’s split hit the ‘net, the Asian femcee went to Twitter to call out the former stripper, claiming he [Tyga] done went and, “made a h*e his baby mama.” With this shade thrown, on-lookers began to inquire on the exact nature of Honey and Tyga’s relationship status. The “Shots Fired” artist visits Hot 97’s Jen From BK for the Ladies First series, and she makes and attempt to bring us all in from the dark by clearing up a few rumors.

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“No. The funny thing is, I have my own personal life,” Honey Cocaine mentioned as she laughed off rumors. “I have issues with b***hes and what not, like I got my own thing going on, and I have to speak my mind when those things go on, but because of my affiliation with Tyga, the media … will always correlate that back to Tyga.” Well, I took this to mean that she had beef with Chyna well before she and Tyga broke up, therefore making the breakup a bonus.

In addition to the clear-up, Honey discusses taking, “a bullet for the team” a about two years ago as well as who she would work with if her career was on a higher plateau.

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