Thug Tries To Kill NYPD Officer but the gun jams on him. Several hours after two NYPD officers were shot and killed in Brooklyn, a second man attempts the same thing but luckily the officers in pursuit of him did not suffer the same fate as the previous officers.

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Reports from breaking911 claims that officers were responding to reports of a person shooting out of a window with a .357 revolver. The man was confronted by the NYPD and was ordered to stop. Instead of doing as they said, he tries to shoot them but to no avail. He is now in custody and more reports are sure to follow. This is just what we did not need, even more reason for police officers everywhere to be on edge and paranoid now of what people can do to them. To everyone out there, when dealing with police officers please do as they say. It’s very easy, especially now with the recent events for them to shoot first and later claim self-defense or claim that they felt their lives were threatened. Be very safe and alert! What do you guys think will happen going forward with these recent events, in terms of police officers dealing with people?

Source: Breaking911