(Video) He’s Crazy: Guy Finds A Giant Anaconda In His House And Tries To Touch It…

Where do they live that these big of snakes are just slithering around?? This guy is bugging because you couldn’t pay me to get near this thing…hit the jump.

Bernie Sanders Supporter Tries To Place Obituary For Hillary Clinton/Gets Called From The Secret Service

That’s a new one…not your usual type of political humor, but none the less – a good try. A very dedicated Bernie Sanders supporter, tried to place an obituary for current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, before that idea was thwarted by the Secret Service. Hit the jump.

(Video) Detroit Man Tries To Kill Spider With Lighter, Gets Explosive Results

A Detroit man’s extreme fear of spiders almost caused him to lose his life. According to authorities, the impetuous use of a lighter to kill a spider on his gas door, nearly caused a conflagration at a gas station. Check out the craziness!

Man Speaks Out After Wife Tries To Cut His Penis Off

Man Speaks Out After Wife Tries To Cut His Penis Off. We all love crazy women but they have to be moderately crazy not actually psychotic crazy.

Thug Tries To Kill NYPD Officer

Thug Tries To Kill NYPD Officer but the gun jams on him. Several hours after two NYPD officers were shot and killed in Brooklyn, a second man attempts the same thing but luckily the officers in pursuit of him did not suffer the same fate as the previous officers.

(Caught On Tape) LOL!! Man Attempts To Escape Police Custody But Takes A Big Fall!

Burglary suspect, Eric Simmons tried to make a getaway, but fell flat on his face. It happened in Ohio. Simmons was riding in the back of the car without cuffs and the windows were open. So, he did what any man in the backseat of cop car would do when presented with the opportunity: he tried to escape. Unfortunately, while the car was still moving, Simmons was unable to plant his foot to maintain the momentum. Check out what happens next after the jump.

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