That’s a new one…not your usual type of political humor, but none the less – a good try. A very dedicated Bernie Sanders supporter, tried to place an obituary for current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, before that idea was thwarted by the Secret Service. Hit the jump.

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The man who’s identified as Don Schubert, reportedly entered the Los Vegas Review-Journal building on Friday and filled out a standard obituary form for “Hillary Rodham Clinton,” listing her date of death as Feb. 20, 2016 (yesterday and also the Nevada caucus). He than left the premises in a maroon Toyota Prius with several Bernie Sanders campaign stickers and also wearing a sticker on his shirt (show em!).

Employees from the news publication notified authorities, which led to the Secret Service calling Schubert threatening to arrest him, but claimed they didn’t want to. Schubert got out of it with claiming it was just ‘political humor’. Close call Schubert.