This was a low class move by a bunch of Oregon players and you can believe they will face some discipline for it. After the Ducks gave Florida State a beatdown they will remember forever, winning 59-20, some Oregon players decided to remind Jameis Winston about his rape accusations and turned the famous Florida State “Seminole Chop” into a new theme song. The ironic thing here is Oregon’s own athletic department is not without rape claims as a woman said she was raped by players from the school’s basketball team.


Oregon usually carries themselves with alot of class and do not make much noise in a negative way, so hopefully the school nips this in the bud today! Coaches said players will be dealt with internally, but do not expect anyone to be suspended for the national championship game next week against Ohio State.

There were claims that Oregon players did this because when the game ended the majority of the FSU team ran in the locker room instead of shaking hands, so they may of felt disrespected, but Jameis was not one of those players as he made sure to congratulate every Ducks player he could find.