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Erica Kinsman, who accused Jameis Winston, the Heisman Trophy-winning Florida State quarterback of a brutal sexual assault, opens up about her ordeal in filmmaker Kirby Dick’s harrowing doc, “The Hunting Ground”.

Shay Marie

In The Hunting Ground, a comprehensive and compelling documentary examining the nationwide campus sexual assault epidemic, Kinsman speaks publicly for the first time about her alleged rape at the hands of Winston. The film is directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Kirby Dick (The Invisible War), and made its premiere on Friday at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. It will air on CNN later this year, and will be released theatrically by Radius.

“All these people were praising [Winston]… and calling me a slut, a whore,” Kinsman says in the film.

“I kind of just want to know… why me?” asks a teary-eyed Kinsman. “It doesn’t really make sense.”

Despite Kinsman’s allegations, the case wasn’t really investigated until it gained media traction.  No interviews or DNA tests were conducted until the media began to ask questions.  Winston was not charged in the case due to insufficient evidence and was also cleared of violating FSU’s student conduct code in connection to the sexual assault allegation.

Despite this alleged miscarriage of justice, Dick’s film earned a standing ovation following its Sundance premiere.

h/t The Daily Beast