It looks like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, has found the perfect ally in rap mogul Shawn Carter. The Brooklyn boy is at again, and only reaffirming just how powerful his reach really is. From the projects to talking politics: Jay Z delivers statement on NYC’s new proposed reform police plan. With Jay stepping forward, serving as a very influential voice to those in inner city communities, it appears that Governor Cuomo just may have the right person with the right amount of clout to back him. Peep what HOV had to say on the subject of the new proposed police reform, and what this will mean for our communities inside.

In lieu of this rising count of police incidents that have resulted in the deaths of unarmed minorities at the hands of law enforcement, such a Staten Island victim Eric Garner. As we know, the grand jury passed down a no indictment decision which sent the community reeling and filled with anguish. Well reformed D boy and business mogul Jay released a statement regarding Governor Cuomo’s new proposed seven-point package to reform the relations between the police and the public.

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According to Billboard, the Brooklyn rapper released a statement after Cuomo’s State of the State address this week. Some of the governor’s key points in his package include a special prosecutor to investigate special cases similar to the Eric Garner incident last July. He also suggests that an independent group would look into cases that involved the death of an unarmed civilian or cases that don’t end up in front of a grand jury.

“I commend Governor Cuomo for his bold leadership in taking this issue head on at this critical time,” the BK rapper said in a statement to Capitol Confidential. “This package presents comprehensive steps to protect and improve relations amongst all citizens. We cannot be divided, as every single human being matters. Together, we can move forward as a community, with mutual respect for each other and continue to make this great state stronger than ever before.”

This is a great look for Hip Hop, but even more so for our community. What’s your take of the new proposed police reform plan? Share your thoughts.