Missy Elliott After the Superbowl

Missy Elliott Sales Go Crazy Since Superbowl Performance!!! And just how crazy???…try every song she performed is in the Top 10 crazy…try 1,000% increase and better crazy…try “Hip Hop is a young man’s game” my a*s!!!

Young Thug may have echoed the usual cliche when he spoke about listening to Jay-Z but not wanting to actually buy his music because of their age difference–but upon further review it’s just like Raekwon says, talent is talent, and music is for those who make it as Missy Elliott Sales Go Crazy Since Superbowl Performance.

For those of you giving an eye roll to the dominance of the female and not-as-young-as-she-once-was Misdemeanor, let the numbers do the talking for her. Propelled also by droves of young people who had no knowledge of her legacy and wondered ‘who’s this cool new artist,’ Missy Elliott Sales Go Crazy Since Superbowl Performance and that’s not just counting the day she performed. Since then, 3 of the Top 10 songs on iTunes belonged to the Virginia native including “Get Ur Freak On” and “Lose Control:”

“According to Billboard, her catalog could gain 1,000 percent in sales with 70,000-plus downloads sold. That would be up from 6,000 in the week prior. “Work It” appears to be the hottest seller with 20,000 downloads.”

Let’s be real…there’s a lot of artists who wish they were pulling in the 6,000 she was pulling before the major event, before an estimated 118.5 million tuned in to watch her, Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz tear up the field. Missy Elliott Sales Go Crazy Since Superbowl Performance and you could argue that ‘anyone can sell after performing at a Superbowl,’ *2 Chainz voice*–TRRUUU indeed. But how many people can have the catalog, sales, influence, legacy, AND comeback of a Missy Elliott???

Oh and by the way–she’s already working on her next album, and a feature on a remix to Jack Ü’s (Diplo and Skrillex) dance hit “Take Ü There.” Leave it to a (grown) woman huh? Check the gallery to see her tweeted responses to the love and some congratulatory messages from artists and friends. Check the vid to re-live Missy at the halftime show!!!

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