It’s Turk’s time wodie, and he’s done waiting for answers. He’s demanding them now!

The Turk lawsuit against Birdman, Cash Money Records, and Mack Music has reached a near end. Turk who filed for the lawsuit back in February gave the label three weeks to respond. The label then asked for an extension in March which was granted until April 11. Cash Money failed to meet the new dead line. So Turk’s lawyer, Patrick Costello filed a default motion with the U.S District Court Eastern District of Louisana on April 29th.

Now if Baby and Slim fail to answer to the claim, the judge could possibly rule in Turk’s favor without the matter going to court.

Yikes! If Baby and Slim are trying to avoid Turk maybe they should try a different way before he gets the 1.3 million he ask for!

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Turk From Hot Boys, This is starting to get rather ugly in the ‘loyalty’ area! What’s worse is we’re not sure who exactly is to blame for lack of loyalty, is it Birman for allegedly not paying the Cash Money artists, or is it the actual artist for seemingly stabbing Baby in the back???

Birdman Is Given 21 Days To Respond To Turk’s $1.3 Million Lawsuit. Birdman has been pretty hush hush about the Lil Wayne, Tyga and now Turk lawsuits. These days it seems that everyone except Baby has weighed in on the situation including Lil Wayne’s daughter Reginae Carter who stated her loyalty iswith her father.However she is grateful to her God father Birdman who took care of her while her father was in prison. 50 Cent also added his 2 cents in a recent interview with MTV news “it’s like a father son relationship.” Reginae also revealed that this on going battle has even put her music project on hold.

Turk is claiming he didn’t receive royalties for many of his projects and is requesting that the label provide accounting documents for royalties owed to him for his album and his features on other projects. He is claiming the label failed to register his music with BMI and as a result he wasn’t compensated. Do you think Turk the former “Hot Boy” has enough power to force Birdman into finally speaking on this matter? “If they don’t answer by March 11, it will be declared a default judgement,” We have to stay tuned we probably will get some real answers in the next 21 days.

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So apparently Turk waited for the right opportunity to drop a law suit on Baby and Cash Money records, since he has Yeeeeeaaaaarrrrrsssss later filed a law suit asking a judge to get him $1.3Million(far from the $51M’s Weezy is asking for, but then again Weezy is Weezy, and Turk is Antarctica cold out here, so $1.3M’s might seem like a lot for Turk. Read Turk’s Statement in the Gallery Above.

We will have to see this play out in court, meaning I wouldn’t underestimate Baby, AND we really don’t know the whole story, Bird could of very well spent tons of money on helping Turk through some of his turbulant times, like wasn’t he shooting heroin and Cocaine at one point, how do we know Baby didn’t pay him and he got robbed from his Dealer?? Of course there is a def possibility Bird knew him being a dope head, the count could be ‘off’, so like I said, we have to let this play out in court!

Turk is currently pushing a song with him and Master P, what do you think about it??