Little slip-ups like this are what can cost people their jobs sometimes. Someone, or some people thought it would be a good idea while creating the Philadelphia Eagles 2015 team calendar, to place wide receiver Riley Cooper as the poster boy for February. Not such a good idea considering Cooper is still hated by some fans and players even if they won’t say it publicly, for a racist tirade he went on while at a concert a couple years ago.


In case somehow you don’t know what I am referring too, it was a couple years back while attending a concert at the same stadium where the Eagles play, that Cooper threatened to “fight ever n****r in here”. The Eagles even had to send him away from practice for a few days afterwards due to teammates not wanting him around and the media backlash.

Luckily Michael Vick stood up for him in the public eye which was admirable of Vick because deep down he probably hated Cooper for his words, but he vouched for him saying he wasn’t racist and basically just slipped up.

Still, putting Cooper on the calendar for Black History Month was a bonehead idea. “If anything, it was an honest mistake,” Eagles PR rep Brett Strohsacker said.

The Eagles have issued a new statement saying, “We do not oversee the production of the annual team calendar. We do not provide any input about the players who are featured or where those pictures appear in the calendar. The NFL licenses the production of that calendar to a third party and we do not have an opportunity to review the material.”

The issue with Cooper was basically a thing of the past until this calendar brought back the wrong kind of memories of him. Hopefully this will pass soon, you can best believe the Eagles hope so.