Kylie Jenner’s Calendar Prints The WRONG Birthday For Her…Then Her App Posts Quote She Never Said

Kylie Jenner’s going to have to have a serious talk with her team. I mean, she’s paying them and working with them on projects…and they can’t even get her birthday right. On her own calendar! Copies of Kylie’s sexy 2017 calendar began going out late last month, and while they have the birthday MONTH right (with a corresponding cake-filled photo), they’re off on the actual date by a cool ten days. Her birthday is listed as August 20, when in fact, it’s August 10. Uh, that’s kind of a HUGE mishap when it’s your own project, especially one that’s about days of the year.

(Photos) NFL: Ah Man! Eagles Apologize For Riley Cooper Being Placed In Calendar For Black History Month

Little slip-ups like this are what can cost people their jobs sometimes. Someone, or some people thought it would be a good idea while creating the Philadelphia Eagles 2015 team calendar, to place wide receiver Riley Cooper as the poster boy for February. Not such a good idea considering Cooper is still hated by some fans and players even if they won’t say it publicly, for a racist tirade he went on while at a concert a couple years ago.

(Photos) Here’s A Sneak Peek Of Nicki Minaj’s 2015 Calendar

Update: Look-a-Here, I can see the men (and some women) drooling over the year of 2015. More photos of Nicki Minaj and that big ol’ BIG OL’ a** have been released. Talk about slaying a photo shoot – she did that. Have a glimpse of Nicki’s body parts down bottom.

(Video) NFL: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Strip Down To Bikinis For Calendar Shoot

The fellas always seem to love the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, so we bring you a new video of dem girls … in bikinis … hula hooping for a calendar shoot in Mexico.  Enjoy (even though it made me dizzy. Lol)!

(Fellas Check The Video!) Erica Mena Shows Off Her Body Live & In Action!

Fellas check out this video of Erica Mena working it for her 2014 calendar.

(Photos) Sasha FIERCE! Beyonce Is Jaw-Dropping In Her Up-Coming Calendar!

Bey released a few flicks from her 2014 calendar, but they pale in comparison to what we have now. Merry ‘early’ Christmas. Hit up the gallery for the glamor.

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