As the HNIC(aside from Flex) here at IFWT, and a Bed Stuy BK Born man, I can truly say we miss, and will ALWAYS Appreciate Frank White, aka Frank Wza, aka The Don(Recognize a Don When You see One), Big Poppa!!!!!!

Tat Wza

On March 9th 1997, Christopher Wallace was taken from us way to early, since leaving a gap in music that today’s greats have yet to fill.

We just want to everyone to remember and rejoice in what he did best, Great Music! Head to the #DjFunkFlexApp and Hit “The Vault” in the music section, you will find so many BIG classics!! but here are a couple videos;

Classic Freestyle From Flex’s Show;

Biggie and Lox On A Flex Tape;

Off That “The Tunnel” Album;

We’ll Always Love You Big Poppa;

Classic and biggest Hit(Crossover), One More Chance;

Radio Classic “Juicy”(Took Over Urban Radio Across the Country)

Street Classic “Warning”(Fact: Video was a follow up to Big Poppa)

Last Video BIG actually filmed, Hypnotize(Huge Budget, BIG was the Don!!);

1st Video Of His 2nd Multiplatinum Album, One of the most creative video’s ever without actual artist, Sky The Limit;

And as an ultimate bonus, here is the entire “Ready To Die” Album;

Full Life After Death;