Kendrick Says Don't Call Them Classics

The universe keeps spinning from the To Pimp A Butterfly release, major announcements surprise appearances and major gigs that keep unfolding. But with all the hype the Compton native says he’ll take his respect and forgive his haters–but ease up folks! Kendrick Lamar Says Don’t Call His Albums Classics…Yet!!!

The number one and record breaking album TPAB has Kendrick Lamar Says Don’t Call His Albums Classics…Yet, telling Ebro, Rosenburg and Laura Styles of the HOT 97 morning crew all about it in a one day stop in NYC. The PSA to stop being so quick to hype things as ‘masterpieces’ is more than just vanity to the once good kid M.A.A.D. city. He says it also hurts the game:

“Man, they been saying that, this round 2. But you know my thoughts on that…[Kendrick I’ll be the first one to tell you I’m not quick to give out the ‘classic’ title]–aye, me neither. I be trying to school the kids out there man don’t be quick to throw out the ‘instant classic.’ They did it with the first album, I thought I told them (laughs). Let it live a little bit. So I wanted to come back the second time around and make it even more intricate. Let it live a little bit. Let it rotate, let it vibe out, let you truly understand what I’m talking about in here before you put the stamp on it. Because it not only waters down what I’m doing but it waters down everybody else.”

…Mmm, that’s some #realtalk! Kendrick Lamar Says Don’t Call His Albums Classics…Yet saying it devalues the word because he wants people to listen to his music–citing he “initially makes his music for people in prison, who have nothing but time” to sit with the music (again, #realtalk) so naturally he makes music to be digested. Also evident from the video shoots in Compton and the direction of his free surprise shows, this album represents a more organic “roots” feel.

Kendrick Lamar Says Don’t Call His Albums Classics…Yet and is generally unbothered if you don’t like or understand his “unapologetic” music, “because it will reach you, touch you in someway.” If you missed it he IS a headliner*** (woop! woop!) for this year’s #legendary Summer Jam concert and will be booked handling the London Wireless festival among a slew of other gigs. Keep doing your thing K.Dot!!!

Check the vid for the full interview where he talks Prince, J. Cole and more!

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