I know a few rappers who could use this app. You ever wake up after a long night of bad decisions and think about not only what you did but what you posted on your social networks? Have you ever frantically made your accounts private before a job interview so your potential employer cant find anything bad you may have done? Fear not because you are not alone in the least. The new Clear app that connects to your social media accounts and looks for potentially offensive posts to delete. “Clear” although is in its beta testing phase and not available to the public yet. This is the kind of app you use before a job interview to scan all of your social media accounts for potentially offensive posts and gives you the option to delete them.

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The first thing a potential employer does before they hire you is they Google you. The creator of the app Ethan Czahor has first hand experience with this. He received his dream job as Jeb Bush’s Chief Technology Officer and was was fired from Jeb Bush’s team after a series of vulgar and offensive tweets were found on his page. He then decided that he wasn’t the only one who had a job taken away because of bad social media etiquette. The Clear app connects to your social media accounts and uses an algorithm to search for for curses, and references to racial groups or sexual orientation. Once the search is complete the application gives you a break down on “clear” your social media accounts are. I wonder how clear TatWza’s social media accounts are. You can then delete your offensive posts on the spot. In a world where something you posted 6 months ago can be used against you, this app will be essential to anybody who uses technology and has a job.

Source: 9to5Mac

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