One of the main attractions at a festival in The Netherlands collapsed and cause the death of a 48 year old male and the injuries to 10 other people. This crane served as a level to give the visitors a better view. Read more about this incident after the jump.

Earlier today it was announced that a crane fell and hurt numerous people, one of them having fatal injuries. This is an annual event in Oosertwolde, which is east of Amsterdam. Authorities are still trying to figure out the exact reason for the collapse. It is understood that the crane became unstable and fell into the crowd.

All that is known is that there are 10 people who were rushed to the nearest hospital (some being small children),two of them in serious condition. There is also word of others who suffered only minor injuries.

The crane was used to showcase older farm vehicles, cars and motobikes. There was about 500 people in attendance of the show when the accident happened.

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