As the anticipation builds for the fight of the century, the drama that goes along with it is building as well. Just hours before the historic fight goes down, a dispute causes both campus to be called back to the Nevada State Athletic Commission for further review! Click more to read the full story!

After the weigh-in with the fighters, Floyd Mayweather and his camp disputed the decision of the Nevada State Athletic Commission to approve Manny Pacquiao’s gloves for the famed bout. According to ESPN, there is an agreement between Manny and Floyd on the terms of the gloves that are to be used in the fight. Floyd agreed to wear “Grant-manufactured” gloves while Manny agreed to sport Reyes gloves. The problem comes down to the padding of the gloves, Floyd and his camp argue. The terms of the agreement specify that neither fighter can wear horse-hair padded gloves; however, it turns out that Manny’s gloves are exactly that.

Sounds fair, right? Well, the Nevada State Athletic Commission approved those gloves for Manny and ultimately, Floyd lost the dispute. Ahh, here we go with the Vegas shenninigans already! So, what does this mean for the main event? According to ESPN’s Stephen A Smith, the gloves that Manny are set to wear are known as “The Puncher’s Glove” and after just a few rounds, the padding will wear down. This means that Manny’s punches will be felt even more.

Manny is a fighter with quick hands but he also packs an even stronger punch. This does not necessarily mean trouble for Floyd but we can definitely expect him to attempt to take as little punches as possible.


Sources: ESPN || @stepehenasmith