Talk about trying to stay young. As a 40th birthday gift to himself, David Beckham decided it was time to jump on the social media circuit and create an Instagram page for himself. Guess it’s never too late to join the club Mr. Beckham!


Talk about a early mid-life-crisis, sheeeesh. The soccer-star joined instagram and is already at 2.2 million followers.

Beckham first picture, already has almost 500k likes, caption read:

Good morning and hello! It’s great to finally be on Instagram, been a long time coming but I can’t wait to start sharing all my special moments with you. Thank you for all your birthday messages so far. Looking forward to a great day with friends and family x

Beckham also posted some pictures of him on vacation, just to give us a taste of the lavish lifestyle he lives. Man, it must be nice to be rich.