A-Rod’s career story just keeps getting more and more interesting. With A-Rod coming off of a year’s worth of suspension in the 2014 season for abusing PED’s, he comes back–still stand strong–and makes history in his own right! Click more to read the full story.

With the Yankees taking on long-time rival the Boston Redsox in Friday’s game, A-Rod was met at the diamond with boos from the fans at Fenway Park and that was to be expected. While in a”hitting slump,” it can be said that A-rod used the energy that was against him to get his 660th home run.

A-Rod, again, elevated his career and name for the long run, however, it seems that his relationship with the Yankees is still strained. The Yankees are reportedly not going to pay A-Rod the $6 million dollars that was agreed upon back in 2007 for him reaching the 660th home run milestone. The Yankees do not see this hit as a milestone for him and this is because of A-Rod repeated issues with using PED’s. A $6 million bonus? Why didn’t I play baseball?

Milestone Moment…

A-Rod’s career home run definitely brings him to elite status as he is no tied with hall of fame legend, Willie Mays and is just 40 home runs short of tying legend Babe Ruth. In an interview A-Rod says there was a point that he did not think he would reach this record, “I was in Miami serving my time. To be here today with you guys, with the fans, my team mates, I am very thankful…anytime you are sandwiched between Willie Mays and Babe Ruth, its pretty special.”

Definitely a career for the books A-Rod has had thus far and it does not look like he is anywhere near finished writing his story in baseball.


Source: NYPOST || CBS Sports