While Tiger continues to struggle finding his youthful career on the green, he is having some trouble maintaining consistency in the romance department as well. After 3 years with Olympic Skier, Lindsey Vonn, the couple decide to part ways. Click more to read the story!

In a post on Facebook, Vonn stated due to her and Tiger having pretty hectic lives, it put some strain on their relationship and they ultimately decided that the best option would be to walk away from the relationship. To many in the Golf world, this comes as a huge surprise as just last month, Vonn was seen supporting Tiger at the Par 3 Contest at the Augusta National which was just before the Masters where he did not do too well. Somewhat of an awkward conversation he will have to have with his kids.

Maybe this is thing that Tiger needs though. His career has been suffering ever since he was caught out there by his ex-wife and it has been on a fast decline. Ever so often, however, you will hear about Tiger having good matches here and there but nothing in comparison to who the world used to know him as. Tiger has not won a major Golf match since the U.S. Open in 2008.


Source: Bleacher Report