Black Thought Recalls Collaborating With Big Pun On “Super Lyrical” off of Puns album ‘Capital Punishment’. Hop into the post to hear what the Hip Hop vet had to say about the late great Big Pun. #IFWT!!

Black Thought of the Roots Band detailed his collaboration with the late great Bronx MC that we know as Big Pun in an interview with Maria Myraine.

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As sitting down with Maria, The Roots band MC , Black Thought spoke on being placed on Big Puns debut album.

Black Thought said :

“He and I would talk on the phone often and exchange bars and when he was working on his album he said he wanted me to get on his album,” Thought recalled when asked about “Super Lyrical.” “When he recorded ‘Super Lyrical’ he wasn’t in the studio with me. He was on the road some place. I had just come from Europe and came straight from the airport to the [studio]… I knew the song, what I was going to spit, what the song concept was. I may have even heard his verse beforehand… It was an easy breezy recording session. I was trading Pun a verse for a verse.”

Black Thought also had shed light on Big Pun’s legacy as a whole and says most rappers from that era (1990’s) are lyrically decedents of Kool G Rap and a couple other great MC’s before there time.

Black Thought said:

“Pun, in his interviews, he would always say that I was one of his favorite dudes,” he said. “I was also a fan from the gate from before ‘I’m Not A Player.’ He would spit those joints and I would be like, ‘Dude is nice. [He’s] a Puerto Rican [Kool G Rap], which essentially that’s what artists like Nas, myself, so many of us are some sort of variation of G Rap meets Rakim meets someone else. I appreciated that about Pun.”

During Black Thought’s interview he also spoke about his recent music with J. Period recently dropping a new song together called “The Live Mixtape (James Brown Edition)”. The Interview was super informative and if your a Roots fan who wants the inside look on there new stuff click below! We Got you with Black Thoughts exclusive interview. #IFWT!!!!!!!!