IFWT_ Tamir Rice Autopsy

Almost 6 months after her son Tamir Rice was shot and killed by Cleveland police, Samaria Rice appeared on the steps of the Cuyahoga County Justice Center and said
” Less than a second and my son is gone, and I want to know how long I got to wait for justice. ” Check out a clip and more on the story after the jump.

Pinkney, the Cuyahoga County sheriff, responded to Samaria’s question stating he and his department are ‘almost there’.

“It’s been now spanning three seasons, going up on 6 months, and sometimes justice requires just a little more diligence, what can be taking so long when you have the entire event there on video? A crime fighter’s dream.” Walter Madison, family attorney said about the dragged out investigation that seems to be taking forever to be concluded.

Madison also speculates a possible ‘cover up’ in the investigation due to the lack of charges and answers that have yet to be made or solved within this 6 month period. After applauding Baltimore officials with their efforts towards the Freddie Gray case and how justice was served at an appropriate time:
“A charge isn’t a conviction, but it’s a step in the right direction. What we do not have here is the same, and it makes people wonder and it allows suspicion of a coverup”

But still, Pinkney claims there are more witnesses to be interviewed and evidence to be collected.
The majority of our work is complete, we have been tirelessly working on this investigation.”

Tamir’s body was cremated last week after being held for 6 months by police for investigative purposes.

A deadline has yet to be announced for the conclusion of the investigation but Pinkney says ‘it shouldn’t drag out beyond what is reasonable.’ …

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Source: CNN