The mascot, Freebird, for the St. Louis Cardinals was seen posing with a sign that read “Police Lives Matter” and the organization has since received some back lash. After getting so much heat from the picture, the organization released a statement regarding the situation. Click more to read the full story!

Unfortunately, some people just don’t understand the fact that black people are continuously being executed at the hands of police. While it is a general consensus that all lives do matter, the #BlackLivesMatter movement was put in place to bring awareness to the fact that black people are, yet again, being killed by police. That seems to be a concept that many just can’t grasp and that includes the St. Louis Cardinals as well as the St. Louis Police Association.

The picture of the mascot was posted to the St. Louis Police Association’s Facebook page but was later removed after the Cardinals organization asked them to take it down. Obviously sensing that the picture was offensive to many, the Cardinals went out of their way to make a statement on the situation, “A man and a woman stopped Fredbird to request a quick photograph. While the man was taking the picture, the woman standing next to Fredbird asked him to hold up the sign. Fredbird was unaware of the content of the sign.” Damage control came in at the right time but I cannot say that I fully believe the statement; however, at face value, it is acceptable.

It is very unfortunate that people cannot have a movement in place without others trying to diminish its value. In Missouri, of all places, where wounds are still fresh from the killing of Mike Brown, it is great that the organization was proactive in having the picture removed and giving an explanation.


Source: CBS