In what turned out to be a pretty impressive fight between Amir Khan and Chris Algieri, Amir Khan fought through the unexpected forward fight in Algieri and won. Khan has been wanting to take on Mayweather for some time now and he wasted no time calling him out following his win. Click more to check the video!

Khan has been steadily making himself a household name in the boxing world and he continues to build on that. Last night, Khan/Algieri went down at the Barclay’s Center and to the surprise of many spectators, Algieri went into this fight somewhat different. He was more forward in his stance and came out blazing as soon as the match started. It seemed, at one point, that Khan was in some serious trouble.

Following his victory, though, Khan was asked about how he intends to approach Floyd Mayweather in asking him for a fight. It is on record that Khan has wanted to fight Mayweather for a while, however, Floyd continues to shut him down and basically says Khan is still a baby and is not ready. Floyd being the standard in boxing with a perfect record, he definitely can call the shots on who is and who is not worthy enough to fight him

Khan On Mayweather…

While still in the ring following his Algieri fight, Khan wasted no time calling out Mayweather and he followed up in the post fight press conference. Khan says he has complied with Floyd’s request to fight a few times at the 147 pound level and he has proven that he can take him on. Khan also went on to say there is no other competition for Floyd to fight.

I definitely would not mind watching this fight go down but part of me says Khan wants that check that Mayweather will bring to the ring. It’s like we’ve all heard fighters say they can beat Mayweather and every time, Mayweather comes out victorious. We’ll have to wait and see if Floyd accepts Khan’s offer.


Source: BSO