IFWT_Kevin Love hurt 2

Every year toward the end of the season, trade rumors being to swirl about various players and this year, Kevin Love was on the chopping block again. There have been talks of Love leaving the Cavs for ventures like the Lakers but he recently spoke and claims to have no intentions on leaving Cleveland. Click more to check the full story!

If you are currently on good terms with a team, why would you make it a point to let the world that you are considering other options, right? Kevin Love just landed in Cleveland but a shoulder injury in the first round of the playoffs has found the forward riding the bench. This is where the speculation begins to roll in. Realistically, Kevin Love’s impact on the Cavs was somewhat less than expected; nonetheless, he’s still a player with an impact.

When discussing his current situation in Cleveland, why would Love decide to leave the side of the best player in basketball? If he truly wants a chance to win multiple championships, the best option would be for him to stay put. Love recently addressed rumors of him departing and his response was simple about staying in Cleveland, “Yes sir.”

Love recently went under successful shoulder repair surgery and he is anticipating playing in the season opener for 2015-16 season. Again, of course he is supposed to stay politically correct with his response; but, if unless he is a money hungry individual and sees a better financial opportunity, it makes no sense for him to leave.


Source: Bleacher Report