(Video) NBA: Cavs Visit The White House And Michelle Obama Gets Involved With Two Versions Of The #MannequinChallenge

As you probably already know, the Cleveland Cavaliers made their visit to the White House yesterday for winning the NBA championship back in June. Ironically they were there on the same day that President elect Donald Trump was also there visiting President Obama but that’s for a different day. Yesterday was all about good vibes, tours of the White House and of course, a mannequin challenge or two.

NBA: Lebron & Cavs Teammates Are Reportedly Not Happy With Tristan Thompson Dating Khloe Kardashian

Is there some tension building in the Cavs locker room over Tristan Thompson dating Khloe Kardashian? Not likely, but according to a report, some of the players, including Lebron, aren’t exactly thrilled that Thompson is dating her. They even allegedly had a team meeting prior to the first game, where the topic of Thompson’s dating life came up.

(Video) NBA: JR Smith Announces $57 Million Dollar Deal With Cavs And Also Has A Baby On The Way

Today is definitely a great day in the Smith household. Not only did he and the Cavs finally agree to terms, signing a four year/$57 million dollar contract to return to Cleveland, he and his wife also announced they have another baby on the way. JR has become quite the fan favorite around the country and you can tell people are sincerely happy for him today.

(Video) NBA: Cavs Have a Team Night Out And They Got Very Excited When J.R. Smith Showed Up

J.R. Smith is still technically not a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers but you can’t tell that by this video. As the contract situation between Smith and the Cavs continues to drag on, leaving Bron frustrated with what the team is doing, the players themselves got together last night for a night out. They went to the movies and then were at someone’s house, possible preparing to go out and that’s when J.R. showed up and as you’ll see, everyone got hype. I guess Lebron wasn’t lying when he said J.R. was everyone’s favorite guy on the team.

NBA: Cavs Minority Owner, Usher, Thought He Was To Blame When They Were Down 3-1 To Warriors

After game four of the NBA finals, things looked very bleak for the Cavs and their hopes of winning an NBA championship. The Warriors were up 3-1 and were making it look easy. In game five things changed and the Cavs wound up winning three games in a row, sealed by an all-time block by Lebron and then a deadly three-pointer from Kyrie. They were the first team in NBA history to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the finals but when things looked bad, Usher actually thought he had somehow jinxed the team.

NBA: Kyrie Wants To Really Clear The Air About White Girl Yacht Party

We know that Kyrie Irving and friends won the NBA Championship this year. We know that it’s been a non-stop party for most. We also know that Kyrie recently had a lil shindig on a yacht. We also saw the video from that party that had mostly, if not all white girls getting jiggy with it. Black girls was maaaad. Kyrie has a lil somethin’ to say to us yall.

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