Ever since his first game in the NBA, LeBron has been getting compared to Michael Jordan. MJ and LJ’s style of play is not so similar, but the crazy numbers and all around game is what typically leads people to compare the two basketball legends. LeBron, however, says he never wanted to be like Mike. Click more to check out the full story!

LeBron has been on the record saying that Michael Jordan was definitely his favorite player to watch while growing up but he says Allen Iverson is a close second. Obviously, LeBron looks up to Michael for the simple fact that he is a winner–among other things. For instance, although their playing style is not so similar–compared to a player like Kobe–but LeBron did mention that he watches tape and attempts to recreate certain things from his game. But it stops there.

Allen Iverson is undeniably one of the most influential players to ever play in the NBA. From his swagger on the court to how he handled himself around the court, Iverson definitely influenced an entire generation. Like many of us that were growing up in the A.I era, LeBron could relate to his style and wanted to emulate that. In a recent interview LeBron commented that, “I didn’t want to be like Michael or Magic. I wanted to be like Allen Iverson,” and it is clear why.

Outside of his demeanor going into games and how he addressed certain people around the league, A.I is perhaps one of the greatest finishers to touch the league as well. Around the beginning of his career, LeBron was often questioned about closing out games and whether or not he was the right player to do so; however, in recent years, we see LeBron dominating games in their entirety. Those A.I tapes that LeBron watches are definitely catching up.

We can never count Mike out; however, for this generation–early 90s babies–we definitely grew up watching A.I more so than Mike. LeBron is definitely speaking to that and it understandable why he would want to emulate the style of Iverson.


Source: NBC Sports