If you had to take a pick between Kobe in his prime or LeBron in his prime, who would it be? It definitely is not an easy choice to make but Shaq previously played with both and his pick was an easy one. Kobe! Click more to check out the full story!

LeBron’s legacy is still incomplete. As is Kobe’s because he will, at least, play another year in the NBA and could very well win another championship depending on how well the front office makes moves during this off season; however, he still has 5 championships under his belt. LeBron has two championships and his chance to make it 3 in this year’s NBA Finals are very high!

With all that being said, LeBron’s basketball potential has not be maxed out just yet and he can probably play for another 10 years. The most dominant all around player in the NBA in years who also has an extremely high basketball I.Q. The choice to bet against that as opposed to Kobe Bryant is just too hard for me; however, the Big Aristotle, Shaq, feels otherwise. He would have to go with Kobe over LeBron.

Shaq said in an interview, “Well, I played with both of them, you know, and Kobe has that killer instinct. And I probably have to go with Kobe…He [LeBron] lets the game come to him. And he depends on others,” and it seems that his decision to go with Kobe is because Kobe truly is a dog on the court. Kobe is one to go do everything himself when he feels that his team is lacking; whereas, LeBron is always looking to get others involved in the game. I definitely understand Shaq’s view on the two players but I just don’t know that I could go against the King.

Giving Kobe the benefit of the doubt, though, you have to realize that Kobe’s entire career has been played in the Western Conference and that side is always a tougher fight than the East–historically. LeBron has always played in the East so the obstacles he’s had to face were cannot top Kobe’s. Shaq makes a great point in mentioning that Kobe is 100% basketball all the time and you may not find that same dedication in LeBron (although his passion for the game is great as well).