King/Captain James is doing right by his team going into this year’s NBA Finals. It has been reported that LeBron copped out on some Apple Watches, among other things, for his team going into the 7 game series against the Warriors. Click more to check out the full story!

LeBron has definitely been here before. It’s his fifth straight time being in the finals, actually; so, I think he knows exactly what he’s doing. Getting your team on the same page and making sure everyone is genuinely happy is key a small but key factor on the road to success. You can’t have people on different pages mentally or emotionally because that will definitely transfer over to the court.

LeBron knowing all these details hooked his supporting cast up with some pretty good gifts. He reportedly got the team some Apple Watches and haircuts before going into the series. If you’re going to win, you have to look the part, right? But according to JR Smith, the gifts didn’t stop with just haircuts and fancy watches.

According to JR, “…everyday its something different. Watches, sneakers, beats, hoodies, book-bags. Man I can’t wait to come back next year,” it looks like the gifts are a big incentive for the players in Quicken Loans Arena. I also see what JR did there, plugging in his request to be on that Cavs roster next year. LOL!

The Cavs have definitely clicked quicker than I expected, especially Iman and JR who were traded in the middle of the season. I think its safe to say that LeBron makes everyone feel at home in Cleveland.