IFWT_cavs owner

After game 2 of the finals, the NBA acknowledged that there were some calls against Lebron James that the refs missed, but were pretty obvious to everyone else in the building. It looks like The Cav’s owner, Dan Gilbert, never known for holding back words, saw fitting to let the warriors know what he thought on twitter.


Dan Gilbert, famously known for the letter he sent Cavs fans trashing Lebron James, after James left for the Miami Heat, is not one to keep words to himself. James came back to Cleveland despite Gilberts letter and the Cavs owner looks like he has his back.

After Andre Iguodala and Draymond Green put some hard fouls on his star player during game 2 of the finals, he found the perfect opportunity to throw some shots at the Warriors, offering them 20% off Lebron James jerseys since they were seen grabbing his jersey so much.

Check out the tweet and photo in the gallery: