2015 NBA Finals - Game Two

Admitting things like this is only going to cause more unnecessary debates and arguments and doesn’t really change anything but in keeping up the transparency in the league, the NBA admits that the referees didn’t get it right on a few key plays at the end of Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

According to the NBA, the referees missed key calls during the last two minutes of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 95-93 victory over the Golden State Warriors on Sunday. The best-of-seven series is tied at a game apiece.

With 1:37 remaining in overtime, the NBA said the Warriors’ Andre Iguodala wasn’t called for making contact with LeBron James’ arm on a shot attempt as the 24-second shot clock expired. However, the league also admitted Monday that James had moved his pivot foot before the shot attempt and should have been called for traveling before the contact was made.

Another missed call came with 45 seconds remaining in the game as the NBA said that the Warriors’ Draymond Green should have been called for grabbing James’ shoulder and impeding James’ ability to jump during the jump ball situation.

That wasn’t the only instance of the referees missing Green doing that, either. The NBA admitted Green also should have been called for making contact with Tristan Thompson’s arm, thus affecting Thompson’s ability to control the ball, during the opening tip of overtime.

If anything, hopefully it means the refs will be MUCH better in game 3 which is tonight in Cleveland.

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Source: ESPN