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NBA: Lakers Want Klay Thompson As Part of 3-Team Deal Sending Kevin Love to Warriors


Kevin Love is the most coveted trade asset right now and several teams are after him including the Boston Celtics, Denver Nuggets and Golden State Warriors.  Initial talks between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Warriors stalled but now the Los Angeles Lakers are trying to get involved.

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NBA: Steve Kerr Reportedly Wants 5-Year, $30 Million Contract


Despite not having any prior head coaching experience, Steve Kerr is a hot commodity around the NBA.  With the Knicks and Warriors ousting Mike Woodson and Mark Jackson, those are reportedly the two teams Kerr is deciding between.  It’s also reported that Kerr is leaning more towards the Knicks and with his asking price that’s where he’s more likely to get his wish.

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NBA: Warriors Reach Out to Stan Van Gundy For Head Coach Position

IFWT Stan Van Gundy

The Golden State Warriors fired head coach Mark Jackson after rumors of disruption between him and the Warriors staff.  The new job opening is quite an attractive one with the Warriors greatly improving over the past two years.  It’s good enough to even attract a coach who’s been highly sort out but has remained on the market.

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NBA: Clippers & Warriors Have Confrontation in Hallway After Game 7


The Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors have been at each other’s throat all season so it was very fitting that the two teams met in the playoffs.  It was an exciting series as expected and the Clippers ultimately won game 7 in LA taking them to the second round.  Things didn’t end on the court however as reports say an altercation occurred in the hallway.

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NBA: Jermaine O’Neal Says Feeling is ‘no matter what happens, our coach won’t be our coach next year’


Despite denials from Warriors owner Joe Lacob, there’s been whisperings that head coach Mark Jackson will not be the head coach next year.  There’s been assistant firings and secret recordings, all causing drama around a team that should be focusing on the playoffs.  They won game 6 against the Los Angeles Clippers to force a game 7 but Jermaine O’Neal says no matter what happens he feels like Jackson will be gone.

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(Photo) NBA: Warriors Fans Bring Great Signs For Donald Sterling to Warriors/Clippers Game


Many people are reacting to Donald Sterling’s racist comments against black people.  The backlash of course has brought a lot of attention to the Clippers vs. Warriors game 4 at the Oracle arena in Oakland.  While the Clippers players themselves decided to wear black arm bands and socks to show solidarity, Warriors fans came up with a great sign for Sterling.

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(Video) NBA: Blake Griffin Fouls Out & Dumps Water on Warriors Fan Sitting Courtside


The Los Angeles Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors was quite an amazing game.  The two super fast, high shooting teams went at it, the only problem was the referees.  They called the game really close with both Andre Iguodala and Blake Griffin fouling out.  Griffin went over to the scorers table and “accidently” spilled water all over a Warriors fan sitting courtside while he watched the replay of his foul.

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NBA: Jermaine O’Neal Says the Talks of Firing Mark Jackson Are ‘Ridiculous’

IFWT_Mark-Jackson 1

There’s been talks around the league lately that Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson will be fired.  Though the Warriors have turned things around and are playing quite well, some people believe Jackson isn’t the coach to take them all the way.  There’s also talks that Jackson was in LA and Brooklyn angling for coaching jobs there.  Well the Warriors players are standing behind their coach and Jermaine O’Neal considered the notion ridiculous.

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NBA: Golden State Warriors Get Tech Savvy To Sell Better Tickets To Fans With Ibeacons


Pro sports teams are always looking for ways to generate more revenue and at the same time offer fans a better experience. By taking advantage of Apple’s ibeacon bluetooth technology, the Golden State Warriors appear to be doing just that. It is a technology that most teams in major league baseball already use, but the Warriors would be the first team in the NBA to use it. What is it you may ask? Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Kevin Durant Drops Career High 54 Points in Win Over Warriors


Whenever the Oklahoma City Thunder play the Golden State Warriors we’re always in for a good game.  In the absence of Russell Westbrook Kevin Durant has to step up even more than usual and that’s exactly what he did last night.

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