NBA: Jermaine O’Neal Says the Talks of Firing Mark Jackson Are ‘Ridiculous’

IFWT_Mark-Jackson 1

There’s been talks around the league lately that Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson will be fired.  Though the Warriors have turned things around and are playing quite well, some people believe Jackson isn’t the coach to take them all the way.  There’s also talks that Jackson was in LA and Brooklyn angling for coaching jobs there.  Well the Warriors players are standing behind their coach and Jermaine O’Neal considered the notion ridiculous.

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NBA: Golden State Warriors Get Tech Savvy To Sell Better Tickets To Fans With Ibeacons


Pro sports teams are always looking for ways to generate more revenue and at the same time offer fans a better experience. By taking advantage of Apple’s ibeacon bluetooth technology, the Golden State Warriors appear to be doing just that. It is a technology that most teams in major league baseball already use, but the Warriors would be the first team in the NBA to use it. What is it you may ask? Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Kevin Durant Drops Career High 54 Points in Win Over Warriors


Whenever the Oklahoma City Thunder play the Golden State Warriors we’re always in for a good game.  In the absence of Russell Westbrook Kevin Durant has to step up even more than usual and that’s exactly what he did last night.

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(Photo) NBA: Golden State Warriors Flick it Up With Justin Timberlake After Destroying His Grizzlies Team

What did Justin Timberlake Say About His Wife?

Justin Timberlake is a minority owner of the Memphis Grizzlies and on Saturday night his team took on the Golden State Warriors at the FedEx Forum in Memphis.  The Grizzlies only shot 36% from the field and lost horribly to the Warriors 108-82 but I guess there were no hard feelings as the Warriors players met up and took a picture with Timberlake after the game.

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(Video) NBA: Shake & Bake Stephen Curry Puts Serge Ibaka in the Spin Cycle Then Nails Jumper

IFWT Curry x Ibaka

It might seem like a mismatch for Stephen Curry being defended by Serge Ibaka but it was Ibaka who had the disadvantage as he couldn’t keep up with Curry’s dangerous handle.  Steph spun Ibaka all the way around losing him before nailing the jumper to put the Warriors up four points over the Thunder.

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(Video) NBA: Best View of Russell Westbrook’s Crazy Game-Winning Three-Pointer in Overtime

IFWT Westbrook game winner

After last night I’m sure everyone would sign up for a Thunder vs. Warriors playoff series.  The game was so exciting and competitive, the two teams needed overtime to decide the winner.  Though the extra basketball wasn’t pretty, the final play was simply amazing.  Serge Ibaka missed a jumper from about 15 feet out, Westbrook got a hand on the rebound, Thabo Sefolosha saved the ball from going out of bounds, where it ended up back in Westbrook’s hands who shot and sunk a corner three giving the Thunder the 113-112 overtime win.

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(Video) NBA: Portland Trailblazers & Golden State Warriors Fight on the Court

Mo Williams, Andrew Bogut

Things got testy and escalated quickly on Saturday night between the Golden State Warriors and the Portland Trailblazers.  Somehow it always starts when two guys caught tangled up but this time the other players on the floor and the bench got involved.

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(Video) NBA: Andre Iguodala Said He “Felt a Pop”, Out Indefinitely With Strained Hamstring

IFWT Andre Iguodala

Golden State Warriors guard/forward Andre Iguodala left during Friday night’s loss to the Lakers after he suffered a hamstring injury.  Iguodala said he “felt a pop” and couldn’t even walk.  That of course worried everyone and indicated that something serious occurred.  Iguodala underwent an MRI on Saturday.

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NBA: Andrew Bogut Agrees to 3-Year, $43 Million Contract Extension With Warriors

IFWT Andrew Bogut

Rather than wait it out and see how he would perform and if he would stay healthy, the Golden State Warriors decided to lock up Andrew Bogut and solidify their deep squad with Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala and more.

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NBA: Wow The Golden State Warriors Are Worth How Much?!

Stephen Curry

In just a couple of years the Golden State Warriors have managed to nearly double their worth.  With fans coming out in droves to watch the Splash Brothers (Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson), the team has put on quite a show and they’ve only gotten better.  So much so their purchase price has risen substantially.  Read more after the jump.

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