Chinx mistress baby shower

There is a level of strength I don’t think I could ever reach – and the late Chinx’s widow, Janelli Pickens, is there.

In the wake of her husband’s passing, many other relationships he’d carried on came to light, and one of them even involved impregnating another woman. Patricija Muratovic is due in mid-July, but she has previously spoken out and revealed she doesn’t want anything from Chinx’s estate nor is she after the fame. She also doesn’t want to be known as the “side chick.”

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“I met and loved Chinx and was with him without ever knowing about any other women in his life.”

Thankfully, both Patricija and Janelli were able to put any differences to the side for the sake of the children, and over the weekend, Janelli attended Patricija’s baby shower! She wrote the following with a picture from the event:

What’s known and understood needs no explanation …. There’s only 3 things I can do for my husband from here on n out n that’s make sure I stay the strong woman he always wanted me to be, make sure all his kids are great n make sure his name n music will be remembered forever!! I got you my Luv! #WeDoItForTheKids #FamilyFirst #WelcomeBabyLiam #HisLegacy #DontJudgeWhenYouDon tKnowTheWholeStory

Would you have the strength to do that?