Just last month New York rapper Chinx Drugz was laid to rest after being killed in his car on Queens Blvd. He left behind a wife and child and countless friends that will undoubtedly miss him dearly. Along with his death comes many loose ends and one of these ends include an alleged ex-girlfriend who claims to be 8-months pregnant with his child. Patricija Muratovic is now speaking out on being labeled a side chick.

Patricija Muratovic is now coming out of the woodwork and wants to clear up the details surrounding the alleged relationship she had with the late rapper.
She said,

“I understand how it seems, because of the timing in how people learned about me and Chinx and our relationship,” she said, “But please remember that the way people are hearing about this all now, is not how life happens. I met and loved Chinx and was with him without ever knowing about any other women in his life.”

Chinx was married in 2006 to his wife Janelli Caceres-Pickens and it seems that in the past Janelli has exchanged words with Patricija. However she now claims to be on good terms with the widow. She said, “Chinx and I separated. During our separation I spoke many times with Janelli and I’ve come to know her to be an amazing woman.”

During this difficult time Patricija wants to grieve away from all media attention. She said, “I loved Lionel. I would much rather that all of this be over. I’m still dealing with the fact that he’s gone. I don’t know how to deal with the rest of it.”

She continued defending her relationship with the rapper,

“It doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks of me or what I had or didn’t have with Chinx. What matters is that the focus be on the future. On remembering who Chinx was as an artist, as a father, as a man. I will find my peace at the end of this, I know. I pray all who knew and loved Chinx do as well.”

Patricija is due to deliver a her son mid-July.

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