Chinx Drugz

Rapper Chinx Drugz was murdered on Jamaica ave right in Queens, New York at about 5 a.m this morning according to law enforcements. #IFWT!

As many share responses about the passing of rapper Chinx, the man that was in the car during the shooting posts on Instagram. Cokeboy Yemen seems to be doing O.K but the look on his face definitely tells another story. To lose a friend but to still have your own life must be a crazy feeling.

Also This is a video he shared last night, is this the car in question;

A video posted by YEMENCHEE$E (@cokeboy_yemen) on

All of our prayers are definitely with both families at this devastating time.


Original Post…
The Queens native’s death isn’t crystal clear at the moment but rumors say Chinx Drugz was sitting in his car when he was shot and killed.

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It has been said that Chinx Drugs was shot multiple times and killed as his passenger was critically wounded as he drove his Porshe down a Queens boulevard early Sunday. Lionel Pickens (AKA Chinx Drugz) was shot several times in the body and his 27 year old passenger was hit twice in the back at about 4 am! As the two took a trip to Queens Blvd at 84th Briarwood, police enforcements confirmed.

Apparently, the shooter who hit Chinx Drugz and his partner sped off while Chinx Drugz’s Porsche Paramera 4 came to a stop about a block and a half down the street in front of a Dunkin Donuts eatery.An employee at the Dunkin Donuts shop said that Chinx Drugz looked lifeless in the driver seat as soon as police where able to come to the scene.

Check out a photo of the gunned down car with several bullet piercings in the gallery.

The Coke Boy Rapper and the unnamed passenger where both rushed to Jamaica Hospital, where Chinx Drugz died and the younger man listed in critical but stable condition. Check out the news report below! #IFWT