Haiti is still recovering from the massive earthquake that took place back in 2010 and though the country has made a lot of progress, there is still a lot that needs to be done. As an effort to ease tensions in Haiti, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne agreed to headline a relief concert that was organized by Swizz Beatz!

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After 21 years, Haiti will be having a free concert that will feature Chris Brown and Lil Wayne. Haiti has again been in recent headlines, but not for anything good, unfortunately. Recently, officials in the Dominican Republic have decided to send all Haitians back to their side of the Island.

Unfortunately, it has been said that DR officials planned to “cleanse” their side of the island. Guess everyone is facing these types of issues in 2015. However, after starting the mass removal of Haitians from their side of the island, it looks like DR has run out of funds to continue. The mass removal is just one of the many burdens that Haitians are facing so a benefit concert sounds like just the relief that is needed there.

The concert is set to last about six hours and it will feature Haitian bands and artist along with Chris Brown & Lil Wayne. To add the icing on the cake, both Weezy and Breezy will perform for an hour each. That is definitely generous of them as they are probably used to making hundreds of thousands for a show of that magnitude!


Source: Vibe