Sage The Gemini

Rumors of cheating and STDs are enough to make any relationship go from good to bad very quickly. Sage the Gemini however is shutting down any possibility of his relationship being ruined by leaving social media completely. Hit the jump to find out exactly what happened to Sage the Gemini.

Rumors have been circulating that Sage the Gemini tried to spit game to a girl via Twitter and got caught. Sage went on a Twitter rant today to say that the accusations are false and everything is photoshopped. His long statement said, ” I am not falling victim to someone playing around and ruining something good that I have over creative internet schemes.”

He followed up saying that because of the rumors he will be deleting all his social media, he said, “That being said I’m deleting my pages IG and Twitter for the sake of me and Jordin I’ll just have to work harder and promote another way.”

During his rant however, @HollyMadisonxox replied and accused the artist of having aids!

Now if that’s not a reason to delete his social media for the sake of his relatioship than I don’t know what it. Check out his full rant and the accusations of @HollyMadisonxox in the gallery.

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