There is a lot of talked about celeb couples ranging from Kanye and Kim to Meek Mill and gorgeous rap vixen, Nicki Minaj. One couple you might know of is the sultry R&B singer Sevyn Streeter and rapper B.O.B! This creative duo talk being a celeb couple in a interview with HipHopWired !

The media can like literally destroy some couples. People just put their information out for everyone to see and then get demolished. We have seen trials with the infamous characters form reality shows like Ray J and Teairra Marie. Sevyn Streeter and B.O.B told HiphopWired something new and refreshing. They have the normal highs and lows? They got no side hoes?

The couple was pulled aside by correspondents at HipHopWired and answered a few questions. The duo stated that they go through the normal highs and lows that every couple goes through. Sevyn focuses on her music and B.O.B does his own thing as well. B.O.B even stressed the fact that he has to go through Sevyn’s management to get on a track. that’s crazy! The duo said that at the end of the day its all fun. They don’t stress and worry.See they need to give a couple of pointers to some lovers out here in the industry..*cough* *cough*.

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SOURCE: HipHopWired