I can’t see Kobe Bryant tolerating the sometimes bitchassness of Roy Hibbert but he won’t have much choice after the Pacers just traded the big man to Hollywood.


The Lakers will absorb Hibbert’s $15.5 million salary for next season into their salary-cap space, sources said.

The Lakers were snubbed in free agency by high-profile targets such as LaMarcus Aldridge and DeAndre Jordan, as well as second-tier big men such as ‎Greg Monroe and Robin Lopez.

The obvious next step for the Lakers was to trade for a big man in the final year of his contract who won’t impact L.A.’s free agency plans for the summer of 2016, making Hibbert and former Golden State Warriors All-Star forward David Lee two natural targets.

Pacers president Larry Bird has made it fairly obvious since the end of Indiana’s season that Hibbert is no longer in the club’s plans. The Pacers were hoping that Hibbert would opt for free agency this summer, but he elected to exercise his player option for the coming season valued at $15.5 million.