The ‘Subway Diet’ guy Jared Fogel has been in the news for the past few days after the FBI raided his home searching for child pornography. The raid occurred just two months after the director of Fogel’s Jared Foundation was arrested on charges of child porn. Jared, however is walking free right now because according to his camp they FBI have nothing on him.

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The legal team for Jared Fogel, the ‘Subway Diet’ guy is speaking out to defend Fogel after his Indiana home was raided by the feds. According to Fogel’s lawyers and spokespeople nothing found during the raid was incriminating to Fogel.

As of now the details of the investigation are unclear and the US attorney’s office is not giving out any details regarding the raid or even acknowledging the fact that it happened.

Although, Fogel remains a free man the fact that the raid took place did him in and Fogel could have possibly lost his meal ticket. Subway has severed their relationship with Fogel and the charities that he was once associated with have dismissed him as well.

I feel like in the upcoming days and weeks their will be more details to turn up around this shady situation, we’ll just have to sit back and wait.

Source TMZ