The DREAM is a highly notorious singer and songwriter that is recognized in the world. the DREAM wrote hits for some of the worlds top artist! The DREAM has not been getting his fair share of respect. The DREAM tells the truth on leaving Capitol Records!

The DREAM was once signed to Def Jam Records that formulated into Capitol Records. Capitol Records served a short time for the influential songwriter. The story begins with the CEO of Capitol Records discussing The DREAMS plans. Then all of a sudden, things got a little shaky with a random person from SONY explaining sketchiness to the dream. Scott Greer, the sketchy individual from SONY, told The DREAM that his songs will not be everywhere. That’s exactly the opposite of what the DREAM wanted.

Situations got even sketchier with Capitol Records and the Dream when the experimental songwriter wasn’t even allowed to release the type of music that he wanted too. The DREAM wanted to release “Crown Jewel”, which focused on all aspects of his songwriting from pop to urban. The moment of truth that really led The DREAM to leave Capitol Records was when he could not let a single from Crown Jewel stream on TIDAL! Smh how could they!

The DREAM stated:

“It was coming from the interior of my label saying, You can’t put record on Tidal, I was like, Excuse me?,What are you talking about?,number one, you’re talking to me about what I can and can;t do with a record.”

The DREAM is an extremely talented songwriter and deserves more than how he is being treated. What are your thoughts?

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