The last time we saw Kevin Durant play was on February 19th against the Dallas Mavericks. So much has happened in the league since this past Winter that it is easy to see why many people have fallen asleep on the beast that is KD. He’s had to deal with disrespect from media analysts and fans of the league alike but it looks like KD is making a full recovery and will coming back swinging in his season opener!


When you are a fan of good basketball, it is hard to see an elite player like Kevin Durant be out of the game for so long. With KD on the court, I imagine that the Western Conference playoffs would have been a COMPLETELY different story! A first round series between the Warriors and the Thunder?? SHEESH! I don’t even know which way that would have gone. But, we can’t get caught up on what ifs.

KD has been out of the game since February 19th when he re-injured in his foot against Dallas. It had to be tough for him to watch his squad get knocked out of playoff contention but I’m sure he plans to make up for that in this upcoming season. KD was recently seen going ham during some shoot arounds and he is even dunking the ball again! All good signs for KD and OKC as well.

KD At Practice…

O.K. So maybe he wasn’t going ham at practice but I can definitely see his progress. He’s moving, jumping, and sinking shots with what looks like ease! This may be far-fetched, but I want everyone in the league to stay healthy. There is so much potential for some good basketball and I don’t want to see that minimized by injuries!

Source: Bleacher Report