durant 3

It seems like a life time since the last time we’ve been able to watch Kevin Durant ball. With him being out for a good part of this past season, his team not making the playoffs, and spectacular play from super stars like LeBron James and Steph Curry, Kevin Durant has unfortunately become of thought of the past. It looks like he may be tired of people leaving him out of the elite conversations.

When you are as great of a player as Kevin Durant, it must be hard to watch other players get all the praise and for analysts to not even mention your name among league greats. But can you really blame them? Kevin Durant only played in 27 out of 82 games this season due to foot injury so its definitely understandable how people could lose sight of his skills on the court.

Kevin Durant, at one point, was upset with the fact that people were counting him out and that other players were getting all of the shine–especially after he was crowned regular season MVP just a year ago. After admitting that he was tired of people counting him out, KD says, “It used to piss me off but I love it now. Just got to show and prove. I don’t deserve to be up there with them this year. Next year is a different story,” and I can’t help but to agree with him.

At the end of it all, we all know the greatness that is in Kevin Durant. I definitely won’t be one of the guys that counts him out because I’ve seen what he can do. Pending he can stay healthy, I’m sure Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are going to turn up on the court next year. Kevin Durant also mentioned, “sometimes you got to remind people what you do. They tend to forget,” and I don’t think I could have said it any better.

I definitely look forward to Kevin’s return and all the chaos that will surround his decision to either stay in OKC or find a new team and the end of next season.


Source: ABC Sports