(Video) NBA: Damian Lillard, AKA Dame DOLLA Hits The Stage For First Live Performance


Right now there is no player in the NBA who can match Damian Lillard’s skills on the mic! I know a lot of guys THINK they can spit and sound dope but really with the exception of Iman Shumpert, Lou Williams and the recently retired Stephen Jackson, most NBA ballers sound absolutely horrible in a studio. Not Lillard though, aka Dame DOLLA! He takes it serious and it shows. Last night he took the stage for what is believed to be his first live performance, putting on a quick show in Portland.

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(Photos) NBA: World’s Tallest Man Makes OKC’s 6’11 Enes Kanter Look Short


Enes Kanter is a big man. He is 6’11, probably weighs around 260-270 pounds and would command attention in pretty much any room. That is unless of course there is a 8’3 man standing in the same room, making Kanter look like a 12 year old. The OKC center met Sultan Kosen, a native of Turkey, who is recognized as the tallest living male on the planet.

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NBA: Derrick Rose On Rape Allegations: “I Will Be Proven Innocent”


As you already know, one of the least likely athletes to be caught up in some scandal is currently having his name dragged through the mud. It remains to be seen if these allegations have any merit but Derrick Rose has came out and made a statement regarding the alleged rape of an ex-girlfriend.

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NBA Report: League Says Michael Jordan Can No Longer Pick Who Gets Air Jordan Shoe Deals


Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan shoe brand through Nike dominates the market — 58 percent of basketball shoes sold last year were Jordans. That 13 times more than LeBron James, who has the best selling shoe among active players. Nike owns 95.5 percent of the basketball shoe market (according to Forbes).  One of the NBA’s concerns with Michael Jordan as the owner of the Charlotte Hornets is that he could supplement players’ salaries with shoe deals.

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(Photos) NBA: Steve Nash To Produce A Film About Molly!

IFWT_Steve Nash

After retiring from the NBA, Steve Nash will continue to explore his artistic side and will produce a film about 1980s Dallas, Texas and the popular drug, Molly! A film about the origins of a drug always seem to excite audiences and this will not be his first time producing so we should expect good things.

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(Video) NBA: Kobe Bryant Presents Taylor Swift With Her Own Championship Banner At Staples Center!


Taylor Swfit had another sold out show at the Staples Center last night and she received championship recognition from the Black Mamba. Taylor has headlined 16 sold out shows at the Staples Center and that is the most of any artist to ever perform at the venue. In championship fashion, Kobe presented her with her own banner that will hang in Staples Center!

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(Audio) NBA: Iman Shumpert Talks About How Money Affects His Personal Life On New Track Called “290 West”


Iman Shumpert may be on his off season from basketball but he is still putting in work in the booth. Shump dropped another track, this one called “290 West” where he is talking about his new contract and how it affects his personal life. Just last week Shump got props from Ice Cube on his flow. Check it out, let us know what you think.

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(Photos) NBA: Cavs Say J.R Smith Can Stay For Less Money


After seeing all the money that the Cavaliers are spending during this off season, I’m sure JR Smith did not see this one coming. According to reports, the Cavs are saying they will re-sign JR Smith for less money.

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(Photos) NBA: Matt Barnes Replies To Rihanna And Gets Violated By Her Friend!


Rule number one for manhood: NEVER lie about dating a woman. CARDINAL SIN, MATT! After Matt apparently lied to TMZ about dating Rihanna, she took to Instagram to check him and clear up that lie but Matt decided to respond and Rihanna’s friend went for his jugular! Check the gallery for the posts!

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(Photos) NBA: Jimmy Butler Talks About Dealing With Derrick Rose


When a team isn’t winning, there are bound to be disagreements among players and staff alike. It has been well publicized that Jimmy Butler and D. Rose are not the best of friends and recently, Jimmy talked about attempting to work things out.

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