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(Photo) NBA: Dope Graphic! Check Out What States Hate Which NBA Teams


There is a reason I chose to use Kobe and Wade as the picture for this post. Everyone hates the Heat & Lakers! According to a poll released yesterday, the Heat & Lakers by far are the two most hated teams by fans around the country. You can understand why for both teams. Nobody liked the Heat after the way Lebron arrived and people hate the Lakers because of Kobe and the fact that they are a legendary team. Some of the other hatred from states is surprising, like Deleware hating the Cavs or Louisiana hating the Clippers, but I am sure they have their reasons. Check out the graphic.

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(Video) NBA: Kobe Bryant Destroys Fans In Game Of One On One In China!


Kobe does not know how to just play for fun. When he plays ball he goes for the kill, no matter who the opponent is. That was clear more than ever during his tour of China when he decided to let some fans play one on one against him. They probably thought he was going to take it easy on them but instead of showed his usual Kobe side. No mercy!

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(Video) NBA: Kevin Durant, James Harden & Paul George Go At It In Team USA Practice


Nothing like playing against the best players in the world on a daily basis to help increase your game. After team USA practice yesterday, KD, Harden and Paul George decided to play King of the Hill and all of their offensive skills were on full display. I can’t wait for this tournament to start in a few weeks. Hit the jump.

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(Photo) NBA: Is 76ers Rookie Joel Embiid Taking A Shot At Ray Rice With This Tweet?


Domestic violence is a touchy subject for anybody, especially if you have personal history with an issue like that. Yesterday Ray Rice spoke for the first time since being suspended by the NFL after his situation with his now wife back in February. Rice apologized profusely and seemed to really feel what he had done and genuinely wants to change his life moving forward. Not long after his press conference though, 76ers rookie Joel Embiid sent out a random tweet but given the timing it seems to be a shot at Rice, before almost immediately deleting it. Check it out , how you guys feel?

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(Photo) NBA: Shaq, Waka Flocka & Trey Burke Sued For Mocking Fan On Social Media

Shaquille O'Neal laughs as he announces his retirement from NBA at a news conference in Windermere

NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal, Utah Jazz player Trey Burke, and rapper Waka Flocka Flame were all named in a defamation suit today after mocking a man with a rare facial disorder on social media. Hit the jump for details.

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(Video) NBA: Khloe Kardashian Blames Lamar Odom For Her Brother Rob’s Recent Struggles!


It appears that the end of Khloe and Lamar’s marriage came with a few casualties, it’s no secret that Odom’s alleged drug abuse was one of the major factors behind their split, but was it also an indirect cause to Rob Kardashian’s recent woes? Hit the jump for details.

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(Video) Which NBA Legend Does Russell Simmons Wish He Had Signed To Def Jam?


Hip Hop Mogul Russell Simmons was the driving force behind Def Jam Records which brought us some of the most legendary hip hop albums of all time. When reporters caught up with Simmons today in New York City, he admitted that he should have signed this NBA Legend to a record deal. Click the jump for details.

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(Photo) NBA: Lol, WTH? Fans Have Jokes About Kevin Durant’s Legs & Feet!


After a long and intense practice with Team USA, reigning NBA MVP Kevin Durant decided to take his sneakers off and that’s where the jokes started.  Fans are even saying that KD’s legs and feet look like a hockey stick.
Check it out…

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NBA: Interesting! Kevin Durant Explains Why He Deleted Twitter From His Phone


NBA Superstar Kevin Durant revealed today that he had no choice but to delete twitter from his phone.  Click to find out why…

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NBA: Kyrie Irving Reacts To Having LeBron James As A Teammate.


During Team USA Training Camp, reporters got a chance to interview Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving and he explained how he reacted to hearing the news that King James was going to be his teammate. Click the jump to see what he had to say.

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