NBA: Metta World Peace Says He’s Healthy & Coming Back to the NBA!


Metta World Peace last played with the New York Knicks in the NBA.  After battling injury and issues with former Knicks coach Mike Woodson, MWP signed a lucrative deal with Sichuan of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).  He’s ready to come back however and says he’s finally 100%.

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(Video) NBA: Grizzlies Players Chip In To Buy New Car For Xmas For Assistant Who Had Car Stolen


This is a nice story, especially considering it is the holiday season. An assistant for the Memphis Grizzlies, Brandon, had his car stolen recently and either insurance was playing games or something else but he was out of luck when it came to a car. He likely does not make as much money as you probably think, which is why the Grizzlies players stepped up for him. They all chipped in to get him a new nissan, appears to be an Altima and you can see how much he appreciated the gesture. Good move guys!

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NBA: Uh-Oh, Private Jet Company Suing Bucks OJ Mayo For Drug Use & Not Paying Full Fare


This is one of those “C’mon Man” type of stories, smh. If you can’t afford to live a luxurious lifestyle then don’t fake it. Milwaukee Bucks OJ Mayo, who has made millions during his career is being sued by a private jet company for not only ditching out on the fare price, but also using drugs on the flight. The company claims the employees were put at risk by his drug use, but they never specify what drug. I can only assume the Bucks don’t want to hear something like this.

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(Video) NBA: Drafted After Lebron, But Before Melo, D-Wade & Bosh, Here Is What Darko Milicic Does Now


It will always be one of those history questions about the NBA. Similar to when people ask who was drafted before Michael Jordan in 1984, people will always ask who was drafted ahead of Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh in the 2003 draft. The Pistons had the second pick that year and after the Cavs took Lebron, Detroit chose seven-footer Darko Milicic instead of those other guys and they are still kicking themselves till this day. Darko, a non-factor his entire career until he realized he was never going to amount to anything and retired, is still an athlete, but in a much more violent sport. He had his first pro kickboxing match this week, a match he lost after a huge gash opened on his leg. Check the video. Maybe he has finally found his calling. Sorry, Pistons.

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(Video&Photos) NBA: Shaq Asks Nicki Minaj To Marry Him As She Has Cypher With Inside The NBA Crew


This looked like they had so much fun and I wish I was there. Nicki Minaj has been going hard promoting her album “The Pinkprint” and in the process she has been converting some sports fans into Nicki fans with all her appearances lately on sports related programs. Last night on Inside the NBA, Her, Shaq, Grant Hill, Kenny Smith and host Ernie Johnson popped off with a freestyle cypher that was hilarious and entertaining. Nicki obviously killed them all but the guys were too damn funny. Shaq at one point asks Nicki to marry him while he is rapping and he uses her answer immediately in the next line and has everyone on the show dying. Whoever has Nicki on all these shows is a very smart person! Check out the cypher and pics.

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(Video) NBA: Fans Hold Breath As Kevin Durant Crumbles To The Floor After Record Breaking Half


Kevin Durant was on his way to a huge night, possibly the best of his career until one bad step just before half time almost ruined everything. KD drove to the basket just before the buzzer and stepped on the foot of a Warriors player and immediately collapsed to the ground. He injured the same ankle he had surgery on earlier this season. Thankfully for now it seems like it won’t be a big deal.

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(Video) NBA Releases 2014 Christmas Ad “No Gifts”


‘Tis the season, as it’s that time of the year! The NBA has released its new, 2014 Christmas Ad, titled ‘No Gifts,’ starring Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving and Steph Curry (just to name a few)… Check it out below!

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*Report* NBA: Celtics Now Open To Trading Rajon Rondo


The Boston Celtics have finally had a change of heart and are now open to trading point guard Rajon Rondo. While no actual team prospects have been mentioned, all roads seem to be heading West

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Sports: President Obama Supports Athletes & #BlackLivesMatter Shirts Movement


President Barack Obama has revealed in a recent interview that he extends his support 100% towards the recent #BlackLivesMatter movement and athletes wearing ‘I Can’t Breathe’ shirts.

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