NBA: Booby Gibson Explains Why He Decided To Walk Away From The NBA For A Career In Rap!


It has been a long time since Daniel “Booby” Gibson made you think of his NBA career. In more recent years he is known to the public more as Keyshia Cole’s then boyfriend than anything else. Booby is now focused 100% on a career in the rap game and he talked about the decision process that led him to that.

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NBA: Gilbert Arenas Respects Caron Butler, But Says His Version Of The Locker Room Gun Incident Is False


Caron Butler has a book that is now available called “Tuff Juice: My Journey from the Streets to the NBA”. From all accounts it is a great read and Butler’s life can be an inspiration for other young kids trying to find their way. Earlier this week, IFWT published an excerpt from the book, focusing on Butler’s version of events when he was with the Wizards when teammates Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton pulled guns on each other in the now infamous locker room incident. Butler’s version was pretty intense but Arenas is calling B.S. on it.

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(Video) NBA: Matt Barnes Says He Is Too Grown To Lie About Dating Rihanna


Back in August, Matt Barnes implied that he and Rihanna were talking and that notion was quickly shot down after Rihanna took to Instagram and violated him. LOL! Matt has since defended himself against Rihanna’s claims that she never even met him (LMAO) and he recently said that he is too grown too lie. For his manhood’s sake I would hope so too. Check the video!

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(Video) NBA: Blake Griffin Breaks Shot Clock After A Dunk!


Ahhh, what a time to be alive! It is definitely feeling like Christmas for all of us NBA fans. It has been a couple months since the NBA Finals and with the return of the NBA pre-season, we are getting some glimpses of what the season might bring. As expected, Blake Griffin still has springs in his knees so we can expect lob city to continue on that path–maybe without Blake breaking shot clocks before the game starts! Check the video!

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NBA: Tristan Thompson Declines Cavs Offer, Remains Restricted Free Agent


Tristan Thompson decided to decline the Cavs qualifying offer, a deal that had to be signed by midnight last night, making him a restricted free agent. It appeared earlier this week that Thompson and the team were close to getting things done but apparently, not so much.

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(Photos) NBA: Adidas Showed Up To James Harden’s Home With Literally A Truckload Of Kicks


Earlier this morning, Adidas made sure James Harden will never be tempted to wear Nike’s or any other kicks for that matter besides their own. They showed up to his crib, bright & early with an entire truckload of sneakers.

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(Photos) NBA: Derrick Rose Is Confident About Civil Suit And Gang Rape Allegations


Aside from concentrating on this upcoming season, Derrick Rose has been forced to focus his energy on claims that he and two of his friends allegedly gang rapped an ex-girlfirned of his. Today, during The Bulls media conference, Derrick was questioned about the open case and he expressed that he would found innocent.

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(Photos) NBA: Derrick Rose Says, “I Know I’m Great!”


The Bulls have had nothing short of a few storybook seasons over the past few years but unfortunately, the stories did not have the greatest of endings. From D.Rose being plagued by injuries to the constant upsets in the playoffs, the Bulls have battled to remain a significant force in the Eastern Conference. Today during media day, D. Rose was questioned about criticism he receives about his game and his response was, “I Know I’m great!”

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(Photos) NBA: Carmelo Anthony Says He Currently Has No Expectations For The Knicks


It has definitely been rough times for all of you Knicks fans out there. The Knicks went 17-65 last season, good enough for the second worst record in the NBA, and with the new additions to the team’s roster, they look to build on those 17 wins. However, the star player for New York, Carmelo Anthony, says he currently has no expectations for his squad.

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(Photos) NBA: Paul Pierce Takes Slight Jab At Kobe Bryant & Twitter Let’s Him Know He Better Chill


People are way too sensitive! Paul Pierce was feeling the wrath of Kobe stans on twitter after he took somewhat of a playful shot at the Black Mamba.

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