NBA: Steph Curry Takes Shot At James Harden, Says He Is Campaigning A Little Too Aggressive For MVP


Steph Curry and the Warriors seem to be making enemies as they go along. Players on Golden State, mainly Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green like to talk, especially this season as they own the best record in the NBA. James Harden says he deserves the MVP himself over Steph, which is what you would expect him to say, not too mention a lot of people would agree. Curry for whatever reason got rubbed the wrong way by that and says the bearded one is being too aggressive trying to win the award with the voters.

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NFL: James Harden On MVP Award: “I Deserve It Over Steph Curry”


Steph Curry is all the talk this morning after his monster game last night against the Blazers, where he dropped 45 points and broke his own single season record for three pointers made. Everyone woke up today saying the MVP race is now over, because that is what people do. They let emotions impact their statements and totally forget about reality. Just because Steph had a good game last night does not mean he has outperformed James Harden the entire season and Harden has no problem saying he deserves the award more.

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NBA: LeBron James Says He Would Vote For Himself as MVP This Season


Many of the players have often revealed their issue with the media voting for the important awards, when it’s the players themselves who would have more insight since they actually battle each other each night.  New union executive director Michele Roberts instituted a new set of awards this year where the players will vote.

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(Photos) NBA: Steph Curry & Andrew Bogut Take Shots At Former Coach Mark Jackson For His MVP Comments


Straight up, some of these athletes need to stop acting like girls and being so emotional about things. So what if a fan or coach or analyst doesn’t agree with your way of thinking. Is everyone supposed to think the exact same way and agree on everything related to your career just so you can feel better about yourself? Man f*ck that! As you can see I am sick of athletes (and rappers) getting upset just cause someone doesn’t share the same opinion as them. Steph Curry and Andrew Bogut both took shots at Mark Jackson because he said James Harden would be his MVP this season.

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NBA: Steve Nash Officially Announces Retirement From The NBA


Steve Nash announced his retirement from the NBA today in an unusual way. Rather than a big press conference or trying to get back on the court for a farewell tour, Nash chose to write about his own retirement, via Derek Jeter’s website “The Players Tribune”. Nash with the Lakers never really worked out due to constant injuries, but nobody should forget how amazing of a player Nash was in his prime and the MVP trophies he has to back it up. He never won a title but his career is destined to end up in the Hall of Fame without question.

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NBA: Kobe Bryant On Why He Only Has One MVP Award: “Because the media votes on it”


Continuing the pattern of “no f*cks given” Kobe Bryant, he divulged a lot of information on The Grantland Basketball Hour.  One of the topics he spoke on, is the fact that he only has one league MVP award despite an illustrious career.  Bryant has a simple explanation for that.

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NBA: Kevin Durant Is Upset Social Media Turned His MVP Speech Into A Joke


Kevin Durant has a message for fans on social media. Stop thinking his MVP speech was the appropriate thing to make a joke out of. KD is dead serious about this by the way and you can tell it really bothered him. I am so glad he is saying this because yes, I understand it’s fine to make light hearted jokes out of things, but making a joke out of an emotional thing just for the sake of being funny is what is wrong with social media., amongst many other things.

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(Video) NBA: Russell Westbrook Wins MVP Of All Star Game With 41 Points As The West Wins


The 49th NBA All Star game did not disappoint the fans at all, with the West winning a shootout 163-158 over the East. Russell Westbrook and Lebron James both set the tone early, with Russ finishing with 41 points and taking home the MVP trophy. James Harden, Steph Curry and many other players all showed out and the fans in attendance and watching on tv got to see a show. Check out some of the best plays of the game.

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(Photos) NBA: Well Damn, Looks Like Kevin Durant Has A New Boo!


It wasn’t too long ago when Kevin Durant was engaged to WNBA player Monica Wright, but he seems to be doing quite ok now. His previous relationship allegedly ended because KD wasn’t into his religion enough to satisfy Monica. Well his new girl, Crystal Renee seems to be just fine with KD’s beliefs and lifestyle. She is a singer and actress and definitely looks good next to him.

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Says This Young Player Could Be One of the Greatest Power Forward’s Ever!

IFWT_Kobe Anthony Davis

Kobe Bryant will go down as one of the greatest players in the history of basketball and he’s a tough critic.  So if he’s singing your praises then you must be doing something right.

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