The start of NFL training camps is quickly approaching, and some players are trying to enjoy their last bit of summer before the grind of the season begins. Bills running back LeSean McCoy is among them and is throwing a party on July 26. He even invited people from social media!


The issue is, when I say people, I really mean women only and that’s after you are willing to submit a photo of yourself and your social media info. Also after you agree to not tell anyone where you are going and be willing to wear whatever McCoy gives you when you get there. Sounds kinda creepy to be real.

The Buffalo Bills also did not appear too happy about it as they forced McCoy to shut down his invitation via Instagram because they are not allowing him to use team material for personal use. The Bills logo was on the flyer and they probably are thinking the same thing as many other people, this party sounds like a bad idea waiting to happen. No word on if the party is still going down now that McCoy knows his team is not feeling the party vibe.

Check the gallery for the party requirements. Ladies let us know. Would you be willing to go to a party with no info, have to go alone and have to wear what they tell you??