Historically black school for women, Spelman College is just another institution to be added to the list of all those who have cut ties with Bill Cosby. Since the news of Cosby drugging and raping over two dozen women broke nearly everything and everyone associated with the once beloved comedian and actor has tried to separate from him. The latest is Spelman who has a professorship funded by Cosby. This week the school released a statement announcing they will discontinue the program.

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The professorship was first suspended back in 2014, when news first started to come out about Cosby and the rape allegations. The school stated, “The current context prevents us from continuing to meet these objectives fully. Consequently, we will suspend the program until such time that the original goals can again be met.” However, it is no surprise that they have decided to end all contact with him now, since a 2005 deposition was released and Cosby admitted to using quaaludes to have sex with women.

The professorship was funded by an endowment created in the 1980s. Cosby and his wife donated $20 million to the school. Their donation was the largest to ever be made to an HBCU at the time. In a statement released this week, Spelman said they are returning the money. The communications officer said, “The William and Camille Olivia Hanks Cosby Endowed Professorship at Spelman College has been discontinued,” they added the money has been returned to the Clara Elizabeth Jackson Carter Foundation and they had no further comment.

Spelman College has a long standing relationship with Cosby. Two of his daughters, Erika and Evin, attended the school and his late son, Ennis, graduated from Morehouse College, the men’s college connected with Spelman.

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