MTV’s Dr. Drew Backs Janice Dickinson In Cosby Rape Allegations

Former supermodel, Janice Dickinson is currently locked into a defamation lawsuit against Bill Cosby, in which she claims he slandered her by saying she lied about him drugging and raping her back in 1982. Now, MTV‘s celebrity doctor, Dr. Drew has stepped in telling the judge if Janice said Cosby raped her then she’s telling the truth. According to TMZ reports, Dr. Drew filed a declaration in Dickinson’s suit. He explains in the documents that during the filming of 2010’s ‘Celebrity Rehab’ she revealed to him she had been raped by a “prominent celebrity” but was too scared to reveal his name. Drew goes on further to say Dickinson is an honest person, however does acknowledge she’s sometimes “overly honest … blunt and unvarnished” but all in all, “she speaks the truth.” He touches on her past addictions saying they don’t define who she is for life. He stated, “In my professional opinion, an addict may get clean and sober and become an honest and truthful person. I believe that has been the case for Ms. Dickinson.” Cosby and Dickinson will be back in court February 29th for a hearing on Cosby’s anti-SLAPP motion.

Bill Cosby Is Reportedly Blind, Suffers From a Degenerative Eye Disease

While awaiting trail for the three-counts of sexual assault charges that were brought against him last week, Bill Cosby has now reveled through his attorney that he is blind. The once beloved comedian and actor has now been accused of rape and assault by over 50 women to date and will be facing at least ten years behind bars if found guilty. As the case draws near, the 78 year-old’s health has been referenced many times. In an interview with CBS This Morning, Cosby’s lawyer Monica Pressley stated, “He’s a 78-year-old blind man who they’ve chosen to charge, that’s not a defense to a charge, that’s just a fact.” Read more below.

Rick Ross Responds To Rape Allegations After Woman Files Suit Against Him And His Agent

Rick Ross has been hit with a lawsuit filed by a woman who claims she was raped during the weekend of the Grammys after being drugged in Ross’ van. The woman referred to as Jane Doe does not believe that Ross raped her but wants him to be held responsible. According to the lawsuit, Jane Doe linked up with Ross and his crew at the W hotel in Los Angeles. They had plans to go to the marijuana convention Cannabis Cup. She says she got in the van with Rick Ross, his agent Thaddeus “Black” James, and several others. She claims shortly after having one drink with Ross and “Black” she became dizzy and passed out. The next thing she remembers is being waking up in the back of the van with Black and two hours had gone by. Afterwards she went back to the W with Black, she claims she woke up at 8AM noticed her clothes had been removed and she had been sexually assaulted. Jane Doe is pointing the finger at Black. However, she also names Rick Ross in the lawsuit because according to her Ross should have had a handle on his agent. Ross has made a statement regarding the situation. Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

(Video) Supermodel Beverly Johnson Says “I Forgive You” To Bill Cosby For Alleged Sexual Assault

Supermodel Beverly Johnson, best known for being the first African-American woman to appear on the cover of Vogue, is also now known as one of Bill Cosby’s alleged rape victims. She stopped by Good Morning America to talk about her new tell-all book, The Face That Changed It All, which details her experience of being allegedly sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby. Read more below.

NBA: Derrick Rose On Rape Allegations: “I Will Be Proven Innocent”

As you already know, one of the least likely athletes to be caught up in some scandal is currently having his name dragged through the mud. It remains to be seen if these allegations have any merit but Derrick Rose has came out and made a statement regarding the alleged rape of an ex-girlfriend.

My Mom Is “Disgusted,” Says Zoe Kravitz On Lisa Bonet’s Feelings Towards The Bill Cosby Rape Allegations

Bill, Bill, BILL! The tension between Bill Cosby and his former Cosby Show cast mates seems to get thicker. In a recent interview with the Guardian, Zoe Kravitz opened up about her mother, Lisa Bonet’s feelings towards her television father and the 40+ rape allegations. Find out more down bottom.

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